Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Championship Monday


Was there every any doubt we’d eventually get to the end of this tournament? OK, maybe a little. In any event, we’ve got a winner — and it’s exactly who you should’ve taken from the get-go: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Ella the Elephant put up a hell of a fight but ultimately Mickey and Friends ceased and destroyed, as they did with every opponent they faced throughout the tourney.

The tournament MVP was none other than Goofy.

Here’s a look at the final bracket as your 2014 champion has been crowned.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 11

Congrats to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Brackets are pretty entertaining, it’s hard to believe they only really make an appearance once a year. Maybe I’ll make it a frequent thing here, but this Disney Junior television tournament is definitely a once-a-calendar event.

Give me your thoughts/ideas for another tournament.


Good for the Mets’ Daniel Murphy for taking paternity leave

As a stay-at-home parent, I am appalled how the New York media is criticizing New York Mets‘ infielder Daniel Murphy for taking three days away from the team — a shitty team, at that — to be with his wife.


Hell, even if I weren’t a stay-at-home parent, it’s still bullshit.

According to the MLBPA’s 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Murphy — and any other player — is allowed 1-3 days off for paternity leave. Here’s a click-through of the CBA in place for 2012-2016 (scroll down to page 70).

But leave it to New York sports talk radio to deem this a bad decision on the part of a new father who just so happens to be play in the big leagues.

According to the New York Daily News, WFAN’s blowhard Mike Francesa said:

“One day I understand. And in the old days they didn’t do that. But one day, go see the baby be born and come back. You’re a Major League Baseball player. You can hire a nurse to take care of the baby if your wife needs help.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to him on-air from time to time — though his Twitter parody account, @MikeFrancesaNY, is far more enjoyable – but his stance on this is ridiculous. And this first caller is a fucking moron as well. Here’s the audio, take a listen for yourself.

Then you have Boomer and Carton sounding off on this during their show as Carton downplays the entire child-birth experience saying, “but you’re not breastfeeding the kid,” but then Boomer interjects, saying, “I know, but he has legal rights to be there if he wants to be there.”

Boomer eventually spews more poo when he says something about how, “this is how we make our money, this is how we’re gonna live our life,” but is three days off the end of the world?

Here’s the audio for that shit show:

I understand since both the Yankees and Mets have combined for as many wins as me this season, they need some extra fodder for the airwaves, but making a guy who wants to be with his wife after the birth of their child the butt of a joke is fucking ludicrous.

Pardon the language.

Sorry to sound off, but isn’t that what us lesser-known shmucks do by blogging since our thoughts aren’t broadcast over the radio waves?

So good for you Daniel Murphy, good for you. And seriously, if you need a good laugh, check out that Twitter handle I linked up above.

Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 10

Yesterday was a shit show, I had a killer migraine all day and Hurricane wasn’t feeling too hot either, so we postponed the Final Four games until today.

After spending the morning enjoying the awesome weather by gallivanting around the park and running amok on the basketball court, we came home and ate some lunch before deciding who would advance to the Championship Game.

photo (2)

The matchup for tomorrow’s title game is #1 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse vs. #2 Ella the Elephant. It’s no surprise how MMCH got here but Ella was a bit of a surprise over perennial power Thomas and Friends. The game features two teams with contrasting styles of play — MMCH plays an up-and-down style while Ella prefers to slow it down into a half-court game.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 10

It’s anyone’s guess who’ll come out the champion tomorrow, but house money says it’ll be the men and women from Mickey’s clubhouse.

(apparently this was my 100th post on SAHFA, so thanks to everyone who has read, ignored, blocked, or enjoyed the first 100 posts. here’s to 100 more)

Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 9

We’ve made it to the Elite Eight and I can’t believe some of you have continued to follow this tournament. All four games were played according to schedule, so I’ll give a brief recap of each.

#1 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse defeated #5 Little Einsteins: LE played well enough to beat any one of the remaining teams except MMCH, but it was a great run by the 5-seed to make it this far. MMCH proved too dominant for the nerds.

#2 Octonauts defeated #3 Sofia the First: This one was a defensive struggle as Hurricane was hesitant to select a winner until ultimately deciding that Octonauts was the superior team.

#5 Thomas and Friends defeated #1 Jake and the Never Land Pirates: A truly stunning upset of epic proportions as the Thomas withstood a late charge from Jake and crew to advance to the Final Four.

#2 Ella the Elephant defeated #3 Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: A showdown for sure, Ella’s size wore down Sheriff Callie’s bunch in the final few minutes.

So we’ve whittled our way from 16 teams to four, with both games scheduled to begin around noon time tomorrow.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 9

Mickey Mouse will take on Octonauts in the first game while up upstart Thomas and Friends will go head-to-head with Ella and Elephant.

Thomas and Friends is a surprising favorite while Mickey Mouse is favored and remains the front-runner to win it all.

Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 8

Stop the presses, another upset (as I had hoped, considering we are heading to the Essex Steam Train’s “Day Out with Thomas” thrill ride), as 5-seed Thomas and Friends derailed 4-seed Chuggington.

The Railroad Rivalry was as advertised as both Thomas and Chuggington gave it their best shot, but the little blue engine ultimately pulled away for the win.

It’s weird, really, because he hasn’t watched a whole lot of Thomas lately while, thanks to his 6:15 am wakeup calls, has caught a few episodes of Chuggington lately. Hey, a win’s a win.

And with that, we made it through the first round of the tournament.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 8Tomorrow, every one of the four Elite Eight games will be played, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, go watch/stream/track some baseball, it’s Opening Day!


Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 7

It took six games of the higher-seed prevailing before we got our first upset, even though the 5th-seeded Little Einsteins was favored over 4th-seeded Doc McStuffins.

It was a back and forth game but eventually the tournament has it’s first upset. Speaking of upset, this kid has not been napping the past two days — literally, he babbles and kicks and plays the drums in his crib despite being overly and clearly exhausted. I am at wits end and am not ready to give up on the midday nap yet.

Anyway, here’s the updated tournament bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 7

This weekend features no games and Monday will have the final game of the first round, another 4-vs-5 game between Chuggington and Thomas and Friends in the Railroad Rivalry, which will be played out in the tournament for the first time ever.


Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 6

The selection committee did a phenomenal job with these seedings as yet another favorite advanced to the Elite Eight. No. 3-seed Sheriff Callie’s Wild West sent 6-seed Choo-Choo Soul chugging down the track with a convincing win in a game that many, including myself, thought would go the other way. Toby was the player of the game after his repeated incidental contact freed him up in the lane every trip down the court.

The bracket has gone chalk, which is always boring, but maybe tomorrow’s 4-vs-5 matchup will stir it up a little. It opened with 5-seed Little Einsteins a slight favorite over 4-seed Doc McStuffins but the line has ballooned since the bracket was revealed. Apparently, Doc McStuffins isn’t a real doctor so sources are looking into her credibility. A suspension to the key player would be devastating.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 6

Tomorrow it’s looking like our first “upset” might take place but I wouldn’t be shocked of Doc makes a game of it. Stay tuned!

Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 5

Today’s matchup generated about as much excitement as a split-squad spring training game. The higher seed ultimately prevailed as 3-seed Sofia the First took out 5-seed Henry Hugglemonster.

Both came limping into the tournament since they’ve fallen out of favor with Hurricane and after hearing the matchup, he was thoroughly unimpressed and bored with it.

Today’s game  is over, thankfully, and it’s not looking good for Sofia moving forward as a red-hot Octonauts is up next.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket for you fellow maniacs who are actually still reading this.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 5

Tomorrow’s game promises to be a better one as 3-seed Sheriff Callie’s Wild West takes on a pesky and always attention-catching 6-seed Choo-Choo Soul.

Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 4

It’s getting old and I know I promised it wouldn’t go chalk, but I can only control so much. Today’s matchup pitted 2-seed Ella the Elephant against 7-seed Big Block Singsong.

It was Ella all the way even though she’s a relative newcomer to the Disney scene (I think). She’s an elephant with a magic red hat that can transform into anything she wants but her friend Belinda is a know-it-all who I can’t stand.

As for Big Block Singsong, I thought it stood a chance since he loves their ‘Owl’ video, as do I:

That’s really the only one he enjoys so I’m not all that surprised of his decision. Oh, and he always asks for Ella when he eats his cereal in the morning.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 4

Tomorrow’s game will feature 6-seed Henry Hugglemonster and 3-seed Sofia the First. He’s reallt fallen out of favor with both so it’s a total coin flip.

Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 3

This one was a complete blowout as No. 7-seed Sam Sandwich had a snowball’s chance in hell at pulling off the upset over 2nd-seeded Octonauts.

The day’s matchup was posed WHILE WATCHING SAM SANDWICH and while eating a sandwich of his own. It was as lopsided a game as you’re likely going to see in this  year’s tournament.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.Nolan TV Tourney Day 3

Tomorrow pits upstart and 2nd-seeded Ella the Elephant against a once-beloved 7-seed Big Block Singsong.